The Point Guard Academy

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The Point Guard Academy

What Is It? The Point Guard Academy Vol. 2 is a comprehensive Academy of Skill, Leadership & Mentality Training. Six on court modules with progressive training sessions includingnearly 80 drills&1000s of reps carefully engineered to maximize and develop elite Point Guards. 12-weeks of Mentality & Leadership Work systematically orchestrated to create Winners, Leaders…Alphas.

What You Will Train:
• Advanced separation techniques taken from the NBA best PGs.
• How to correctly read & react using angled, sideline and flat ball screens
• How to finish around the basket like great finishers such as Parker, Irving & Harden
• How to effectively communicate with teammates & coaches
• Effective & applicable skill specific game simulations
• When a crossover should be used a set up and not an attack move
• How to build mental toughness to become The Alpha.
• Getting to precise spots and making shots in the mid-range
• How to use your body to thrive as any undersized player
• Passing ambidextrously in multiple game situations
• How to train individually to become a lock down defender.
• Advanced ball handling techniques to become stronger, quicker and more explosive with your handle
• And much, much more!

Highlights of What You'll Find Inside Each Program

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  • Mod. 1: Attacking The Rim


    • Advanced Dead Leg Options

    • Pistol-Pete Cross Breakdowns

    • In & Out Attack & Spin Options

    • The "Sharp Stop"

    • The Mamba Motivational Audios

    • And more...

  • Mod 2: Finishing


    • The James Harden 3-Step Euro

    • Tony Park Cross Spin Analysis

    • Kyrie Irving Reverse Breakdown

    • "The Slide:" Hangtime body control

    • Steph Curry Motivational Audios

    • And more...

  • Mod 3. Angled Ball Screen Work


    • The "Veer" & "Seal" Options

    • Throw Cross To Shot Work

    • Mastering the "Dig"

    • Rescreen and flat screen breakdowns

    • Energy Motivational Audios

    • And more...

  • Mod 4. Mid Range Work


    • Cross Jab Shots & Counters

    • The Glide & Dribble Triple Threat

    • Mastering the "Dig"

    • Reggie Miller Triple Shake

    • Kobe Attack to Turnaround

    • And more...

  • Mod 5. The Shot Maker


    • The DR1VEN 30 & 60

    • 5 Spot College/NBA Threes

    • Step back analysis and repetition

    • Open Court Attack to Pulls

    • The Haters Motivational Audio

    • And more...

  • Mod 6. The Total Package


    • Advanced Game Play Breakdown

    • Two Ball Game Simulations

    • Advanced Reads & Reactions

    • Multi-Skill Game Development

    • Be The Alpha Motivational Audio

    • And more...

  • Be The Alpha Mentality Course


    • 12-Weeks of Leadership Work

    • Mental Toughness Exercises

    • Communication Breakdowns

    • Game Film Study Templates

    • Personal Alpha Challenges

    • And more...

  • The Extras


    • Advanced Stationary Ball Handling

    • Attack Ball Handling Drills

    • Defensive Breakdowns and Drills

    • Stationary & Moving Passing Work

    • Personal Alpha Challenges

    • And more...

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